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February 10th, 2013

What to Expect If You Are Scheduled for Surgery

Surgery is an option most doctors choose as a last resort. They understand surgery can be difficult for patients and it drastically disrupts their normal routine. If it is determined that you need surgery, your doctor and nurse will let you know what to expect before you enter the operating room. Each surgical procedure is different depending on what area of the body is being operated on. Even though the surgeries might consist of different procedures, the steps when preparing for the big day are often similar.

Once it is determined surgery is necessary, one of the first steps a doctor may order is an EKG. An electrocardiogram is performed to evaluate heart function. This will tell the doctor whether or not your heart is healthy enough to withstand surgery. It also will show if there is any type of heart disease or condition that may affect what happens during the operation.

X-rays of the chest and the area being prepped for surgery may also be called for. Chest x-rays are taken to determine if there is any obstructions or issues within the lungs that would prevent the patient from breathing properly while they are under anesthesia. An x-ray of the surgical area will show doctors any abnormalities or irregularities they may need to address when they operate.

A day or two before surgery, blood and urine tests are taken. Tests are taken to determine if any infections are present and to determine if the patient is anemic or has an adequate supply of blood to sustain the body during the operation. Often times, if an infection is present or a person has a low red blood cell count, the surgery may be postponed until these things can be 1

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