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Just Ask A Nurse

February 24th, 2013

What to Expect After Surgery

Surgeries are invasive procedures. Great care must be taken when a patient leaves the hospital after surgery to prevent re-injuring the wound or causing damage to already sensitive internal organs. A responsible adult will have to be present to take the patient home, as they will not be allowed to drive or leave unattended.

Doctor’s will encourage their surgical patients to get as much rest as possible once they are home. They will also stress the importance of not doing too much until the incision is healed. Too much activity can cause the stitches or staples to become dislodged allowing the wound to gape open and become infected.

Bandages should be changed at least once a day to prevent the risk of infection. At this time, the wound will also be checked to determine if it is healing properly. Wounds should also be cleaned and medications reapplied when the bandages are checked.

Depending on the type of surgery, patients may be told they have a weight restriction. Five, ten and twenty pound weight limits are common, especially if the surgery involved the abdomen. Individuals who have had back surgery are often told not to lift any weight whatsoever.

Surgical patients should keep all follow up doctor’s appointments. This will determine if the wound is healing properly and if any complications have appeared. The doctor will be able to determine if any further treatments are needed. The doctor will be able to release the patient to resume normal activities as well.

Following doctor’s orders will speed a patient’s recovery and allow them to get back to their normal lives in a short period of time.A surgeon and doctor with a patient

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