We collect surveys from trusted registered nurses right here on this website.

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We collect surveys from trusted registered nurses right here on this website.

All physician recommendations are provided by professional Registered Nurses.  Again in 2012, Registered Nurses were voted Americas most trusted profession for the eleventh consecutive year! Gallup has asked Americans to rate the honesty and ethics of numerous professions since 1976, including annually since 1990

The survey list 24 specialty areas of healthcare from allergy /immunology to vascular medicine. The nurses are asked to personally contribute their knowledge and expertise by recommending a physician only in the specialty areas they are informed in.  All nurse recommendations are validated as being from licensed Registered Nurses.

Nurse recommendations are based, and ranked on a physician’s competence and skill, communication and rapport, care and respect of patient and nurses.

The information will contain the physicians name, and how many times the physician is mentioned by the nurses, Hospital or facility of practice, facility address, office name and address, telephone number, insurance accepted and board certifications.

Obtaining the preferred physician recommendations from the nurses will be an ongoing process, with the information updated on a regular basis.

Nurses know the best physicians and use the best physicians for themselves and their families. We want to make this information available to anyone who may be faced with the challenging and often emotional decisions concerning their health.

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